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Tick Segerblom (Photo: Twitter)

Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom to host ‘Holiday Solidarity’ event with Socialists and Anti-Semites

Harry Reid: Judith Whitmer is a good Democrat

By Megan Barth, November 11, 2021 1:30 pm

This story has been updated to add brief comment from Commissioner Segerblom.

Nothing like the holidays to bring socialists together…

Since the socialist takeover of the Nevada Democratic Party by the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA), candidates and elected officials have separated into factions.  The Harry Reid faction has formed a shadow party called Nevada Democratic Victory and the Bernie Sanders faction is targeting establishment candidates, like Dina Titus, for potential defeat in the primaries.

In a lengthy story, Politico depicted the rift between the two sides as so serious that it threatens the candidates at the top of the ticket:

The rift is threatening Democrats’ chances of defending a Senate seat in 2022 that they can’t afford to lose, in what’s already shaping up to be a back-breaking election cycle for the party. President Joe Biden won Nevada by only 2 percentage points — a far more narrow margin of victory than he enjoyed in Virginia, where Republicans romped in the gubernatorial race last week, and New Jersey, where the GOP came close to defeating the incumbent Democratic governor.

Now, Commissioner Tick Segerblom has thrown down the hammer and sickle and sided with the radicals. Segerblom is hosting a “Holiday Solidarity” event with known anti-semites and socialist activists.

In a tweet, Segerblom states his “cohosts rock.’

Cohosts like the Nevadans for Palastinian Rights promote Zionism as a “death cult” and the Sunrise Movement sided with Palestinians in a series of tweets that proclaimed “solidarity with Palestinians” amid terror attacks on Israeli civilians and mob violence against Israelis. A Washington DC chapter of the Sunrise Movement boycotted a voting rights rally over inclusion of Zionist groups, tweeting “Given our commitment to racial justice, self-governance, and indigenous sovereignty, we opposed Zionism and any state that enforces its ideology.”

Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom (Photo:Twitter)

The Nevada Globe reached out to Commissioner Segerblom to inquire if he was fully aware of some of the more provocative positions taken by those with whom he is now proclaiming solidarity. Segerblom’s response was a simple “yes.”

This is not the first time the newly-elected progressive leadership of Nevada Democrats has raised eyebrows over its embrace of Palestinian issues.

In May, Judith Whitmer, former delegate of the Bernie Sanders campaign, DSA member and Chair of the Nevada Democratic Party caused the resignation of her colleague and treasurer, Howard Beckerman, when she said that the Biden administration turned a “blind eye to the injustice and violence committed by the Israeli government.”

Beckerman, in a letter obtained by the Las Vegas Review Journal, stated: “I have been taking a stand my entire life to stand with the people of Israel to live in peace and to be free of the constant and ongoing terrorism practiced by those who seek its destruction and the annihilation of the Jewish people.” Chairman Whitmer declined to comment on the resignation of her party’s treasurer, a blow to a party still reeling from multiple lawsuits and the splintering of its factions. Executive Director Chris Klarich gave the Review Journal a chilly farewell to Mr. Beckerman saying the party “wishes him the best.”

Beckerman’s letter revealed that it was Whitmer’s statement that forced his exit: “It is for this reason, and this reason alone, that I am resigning my position as NV Democratic State Treasurer effective immediately. I cannot be a party to that statement and will not give ‘cover’ to any person or organization that issues that statement.”

The Nevada Independent’s Jon Ralston and Democratic strategist James Carville are among those who have issued warnings to Democrats running in 2022. National outlets have already taken notice, as well, and Matthew Foldi at the Free Beacon slammed the state Democratic party for “partnering with local socialists and anti-Semitic groups.”

Despite the obvious tension, Harry Reid referred to Judith Whitmer as a “good Democrat” and denies there is a split in the Democrat party. Perhaps Reid is right. There really isn’t a split. Segerblom’s actions and words confirm their solidarity.

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