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Nevada State Legislature, Carson City. (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

Governor Lombardo’s Legislative Picks Sweep Primary

Seven Republican legislative candidates endorsed by Governor Joe Lombardo swept last night’s primary and advance to the general election

By Megan Barth, June 12, 2024 5:08 pm

Seven Republican legislative candidates endorsed by Governor Joe Lombardo swept last night’s primary and advance to the general election in an effort to thwart a Democratic supermajority in the state senate and overcome a Democratic supermajority in the state assembly.

After their victories, Governor Lombardo stated, “I’m excited about this evening’s resounding primary victories. Some really good candidates emerged tonight that are committed to a shared, common-sense agenda focused on lowering costs for Nevada families, adding choice and accountability to our education system, and restoring balance in state government.”

The seven Republican candidates who advance to the general election include:

Assembly District 21: April Arndt, a retired Henderson police officer and detective, defeated chiropractor Jon Petrick. Arndt will face Democratic Assemblywoman Elaine Marzola who defeated Petrick in the 2022 general election. Marzola has represented the district since 2020, beating each Republican challenger by 4 percent (~1,200 votes).

Assembly District 29; Annette Dawson Owens, an educator and advocate for children, defeated challenger Yadusha Williams. Owens will face Democrat Joe Dalia. Democratic Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen announced she wouldn’t seek reelection, leaving the seat open for Dalia to run unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Assembly District 41: Small business owner Rafael Arroyo defeated Republican challenger Guadalupe Reyes and will face Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui who has represented the district since 2016.

Senate District 5: Incumbent Carrie Buck defeated Republican challenger Richard Frederick. Buck will face Democrat Jennifer Atlas who lost union endorsements due to her lobbying ties to the Oakland A’s move to Las Vegas.

Senate District 11: Attorney Lori Rogich defeated challenger Brian Martin Paonessa to challenge Democratic Senator Dallas Harris. The district is considered a viable pick-up opportunity for Republicans.

Senate District 18: Clark County Fire Chief John Steinbeck defeated two Republican challengers, Assemblyman Richard McArthur and businessman Josh Leavitt.  Steinbeck will face Democrat Ron Bilodeu, the winner in the Democratic primary.

Senate District 19: Former Assembly John Ellison advances to the general and will run unopposed in the safe Republican district.

REpublican Governor Joe Lombardo stands with children at School Choice Rally in Las Vegas, NV. (Photo: @JosephMLombardo)

“Adding choice and accountability to Nevada’s education system” was opposed by the Democratic majority last legislative session.

In an unanimous vote, the Democratic majority on the Interim Finance Committee (IFC) refused to approve Governor Lombardo’s proposed $3.4 million to protect hundreds of Opportunity Scholarships for low-income students. Republican members of the committee unanimously approved the funding.

On X (formerly Twitter), Governor Lombardo referred to the majority’s action as an “unimaginable injustice.”

Following the vote, Governor Lombardo released the following statement:

In an act of callous partisanship, today Democrats turned their backs on hundreds of low-income students that our traditional school system has failed or left behind. Forcibly removing hundreds of low-income students from their schools after the school year has already begun is devastating and simply incomprehensible. My administration grieves with the hundreds of students who will be crushed by Democrats removing them from their friends, teachers, and schools, and my administration remains more committed than ever to fighting for all Nevada students. Our fight continues.”

The fight over Opportunity Scholarships and school choice is likely to be a centerpiece in the 2024 election as Republicans seek to overturn the Democratic supermajority in the Assembly and prevent a Democratic supermajority in the Senate. Should Democrats hold their supermajority in the Assembly and gain one seat in the Senate, Democrats will have the power to override a gubernatorial veto.

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Megan Barth
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2 thoughts on “Governor Lombardo’s Legislative Picks Sweep Primary

  1. Education a good issue.

    Energy: opening up the distribution of fossil fuels, and stopping California style EV and environmental mandates will help low the cost of living. and possibly lower food and housing costs as well.

    Crime prevention important too. Also there have been high profile violent crimes by undocumented and gang related individuals – in Northern Nevada and on the Vegas Strip as well.

  2. School choice should be opened up to all children and parents. The schools in Washoe county are a miserable failure. There is almost zero education going on there. Instead of educating our children the school board has decided to push radical leftist ideologies like DEI, SEL, and LGB indoctrination. Our primary in Washoe saw the same old failures getting elected again. Our only option is to get out of the public school fiasco. Our tax money should not be used solely for the failed teacher’s union leftist system. Parents should have a choice. And not just minority parents. ALL parents! WE NEED THIS NOW!

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