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OPINION: Why Should Nevada Voters Trust Captain Flip-Flop?

Captain Sam Brown’s positions change with the political winds

By Jeff Gunter, May 26, 2024 12:05 am

As President Trump’s ambassador to Iceland, I have had the honor of representing our great nation abroad and supporting the America First agenda. My unwavering support for President Trump is rooted in his consistent leadership and commitment to the American people. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Captain Sam Brown, whose positions change with the political winds. As early voting begins today, it’s crucial for Nevada voters to understand why I must be the Republican nominee to ensure strong, principled leadership.

Flip-Flop on Yucca Mountain

One of the most critical issues facing Nevada is the proposed nuclear waste site at Yucca Mountain. As I have consistently highlighted, this site poses a significant threat to the health and safety of Nevada residents. President Trump and I have stood firmly against it. However, Captain Brown’s stance has been anything but steadfast. After Trump pollster John McLaughlin revealed that Brown’s support for Yucca Mountain would be politically disastrous, Brown suddenly changed his tune. He claimed to have consulted engineers about the site, but the truth is, he only spoke to his swamp advisors and establishment puppet masters. This deception was an attempt to mislead voters and salvage his campaign. Nevada deserves honesty and clarity, not political maneuvering.

Shifting Stance on Abortion

Captain Brown’s position on abortion has been a moving target. Initially, he presented himself as staunchly pro-life with no exceptions, even declaring to Texans that it would take an act of God for him to leave the state. Yet, over the years, he softened his stance, eventually portraying abortion as a glamorous choice. In a desperate attempt to appeal to voters, he even coerced his wife into publicly discussing her personal abortion experience. This manipulation of deeply personal issues for political gain is both unethical and untrustworthy. Nevada voters deserve a candidate who stands firm on their principles, not one who bends to political convenience.

Inconsistent Support for President Trump

Captain Brown’s support for President Trump has been equally inconsistent. Initially, he refused to endorse Trump and publicly questioned whether he wanted to share a ballot with him. Only when it became evident that Trump would be the Republican nominee did Brown conveniently decide to support him, recognizing Trump as the clear leader of our party. This opportunistic flip-flopping reveals a lack of genuine conviction and loyalty. As someone who has always stood by President Trump, I can assure you that loyalty and consistency are paramount for effective leadership.

Changing Views on Debates

Another example of Captain Brown’s inconsistency is his stance on debating. He frequently criticized Adam Laxalt for skirting debates, but now refuses to debate me. This reversal shows a lack of transparency and a willingness to avoid accountability. Voters deserve a candidate who is willing to engage in open and honest discussions about the issues that matter most to them. As early voting begins, it’s vital to choose a candidate who isn’t afraid to face the tough questions and provide clear answers.

The Mitch McConnell Connection

I would say that the only thing Captain Brown has been consistent about is his support for Mitch McConnell. However, even this is not true. Brown used to criticize McConnell until McConnell opened up his big checkbook for him. This kind of political pandering and flip-flopping is not what Nevada needs. We need leaders who are not beholden to special interests and who will always put Nevada first.

Nevada voters need a leader who has always been consistent, who has always supported President Trump, and who isn’t just running for office out of desperation. With early voting starting today, it is more important than ever to choose a candidate who will bring strong, principled leadership to our state. We need leadership that is beholden to no one but the people of Nevada. We can’t afford to roll the dice on a RINO like Captain Brown. Nevada deserves better.

Let’s make the right choice for Nevada. Choose consistent, principled leadership. Vote Dr. Jeff Gunter. Nevada’s future depends on it.

Dr. Jeff Gunter, Candidate for US Senate, Nevada, with his partner Heather Wilson. (Photo provided by Heather Wilson)


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