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Rep. Dina Titus with Joe and Jill Biden (Photo: @repdinatitus)

Dina Titus Is ‘Ridin’ With Biden’ As Americans And Migrants Suffer

Securing the border is the most compassionate thing to do

By Mark Robertson, August 4, 2022 8:59 am

A few weeks ago, I was in Washington, DC.  Walking along the street that leads to the Nationals’ stadium, I encountered a young mother and her two children (around 4 and 5 years old). They appeared to be undocumented immigrants from Central America lured here by the false promise of free housing, free education, free healthcare, and free welfare support.

It was a sad and desperate sight. The mother, who didn’t speak English, was trying her best to sell baseball T-Shirts to passers-by. One child clung to her leg. Her other child was in a wagon beside her. Although it was 97 degrees with high humidity, the child in the wagon was wrapped in a blanket but still shivering with chills–apparently brought on by some illness.

As the mother implored people walking to the stadium to purchase T-shirts, the child in the wagon began to throw up. When the mother noticed, she dropped the T-shirts she was holding and quickly picked up her child and took him to a nearby tree until he finished throwing up. What a heartbreaking scene.

I have grandchildren who I adore. One of them is the same age as these two young children. My heart went out to the mother who was doing all she could to care for her children. I gave her money from my wallet. She looked up at me with a puzzled look which gradually turned to a look of intense gratitude. The money I gave isn’t enough to make a long-term difference.

That was five days ago. I can’t get the images of this young family out of my mind. Even now, as I type these words, tears come to my eyes and I feel the pain of this mother trying desperately to protect and care for her children.

What a cruel and inhumane policy the Biden administration is perpetrating on unsuspecting immigrants. By failing to secure our borders, President Biden empowers human traffickers and human smugglers to exploit desperate families. These evil cartel members take what little money the people have, then promise that America will replace the money with much more.  It is all a lie!

There is no money to help the people who are crossing our borders illegally. The Federal Government is broke. We are $30,000,000,000,000 in debt. We don’t have enough money to care for our own citizens, let alone people who break our laws to enter our country. Every dollar we spend to feed, house, transport, and care for people crossing our borders is either printed or borrowed. This excess spending has contributed to inflation–the same inflation that is hurting the most vulnerable American families.

Biden’s policies are causing severe hardships on American families and on the families who are duped into entering our country illegally. Certainly, this mother and her two young children would be better off in their home country where they speak the language and have extended family who can help. Certainly, American families would be better off if the government stopped its out-of-control spending so that inflation can be brought under control.

I wish that the plight of American families and desperate undocumented families were the only negative consequences of Biden’s open border policies, but they’re not. Guns, gangs, drugs, and terrorists are also coming across our southern border.

According to the CDC, deaths from fentanyl poisoning are up 44% for Black people, 39% for Native Americans, and 22% for White people. In Nevada, deaths among Hispanics are up 120%. Once again, it is the most vulnerable Americans who are devastated by Biden’s open border policy. Enough fentanyl has crossed Biden’s open border to kill every man, woman, and child in America. In Biden’s first year in office, more than 12 Americans died from fentanyl poisoning every hour.  According to the CDC 107,622 people (mostly young people) died in 2021. The trends show that 2022 will be even worse.

Without going into detail, I’ll also mention that Biden’s devastating border policies are a contributing factor to the rise in violent crime and gun crimes in many of America’s major cities. Overwhelmed Border Agents are not able to stop the flow of guns, gangs, and terrorists entering our country.

Our schools and hospitals are also overwhelmed by the flood of people entering our country illegally. In Nevada, waiting times are extended in our hospitals. Our schools do not have enough teachers. Our children’s education is suffering as teachers must attempt to teach children who do not speak English. More than half of Nevada students can’t read or do math at grade level.

It is no surprise that most Americans disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the border. It is no surprise because his border policy is contributing to the pain of inflation, drug deaths, crime, healthcare lines, and education declines. It is also no surprise that Biden has lost the support of most Americans.

What is a surprise, is that even though Biden’s policies are devastating families here in Nevada, Congresswomen Dina Titus still fully supports these failed policies. Titus recently said: “I’ve been riding with Biden from the beginning. And so I can’t deny that and I don’t want to deny it.”

How can this be!? Doesn’t Titus care about inflation, crime, healthcare, or education? Doesn’t she care about guns, gangs, terrorists, and drugs crossing our border? Doesn’t she care about the devastating effects that these policies are having on the most vulnerable people within her district?

Apparently not. She is “ridin’ with Biden”.

Yet, we can reverse all these terrible trends by ending the monopoly of power in Washington, DC. We can stop inflation by balancing the budget. We can reduce the flow of guns and drugs into our neighborhoods by securing the border. We can improve education by giving parents the power to choose which education option is best for their child, then allow the money to follow the child.

All these solutions are within our grasp. We just need to end the reign of career politicians who do not seem to care.

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