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Texts regarding lines at polling station in Incline Village at 8:30 pm on June 14, 2022. (Photo: Megan Barth)

Election ‘Day’ In Nevada Is a Joke and No One Is Laughing

Data journalist: ‘Nevada is a sh*t show’

By Megan Barth, June 15, 2022 7:43 am

June 14th, formerly known as Primary Election Day in Nevada, has passed, but the election is not still certified and it is 2 am on June 15. The polls were supposed to close at 7 pm on June 14, but three to four polls in the state still had lines at 8:30 pm and impacted the ability to begin the counting of ballots in all 17 counties. One of the mismanaged polls was in Incline Village, a small, mountain-resort town which is home to 8,429 registered voters. A “local”  friend of mine reported that this was the first time in 20 years he waited in line for more than five minutes and he waited an hour to cast a ballot at 4 pm. According to a report from Washoe County, voter turn out in Incline Village was about 14 percent:

Incline Village Data (Photo: Washoe County)

By 11 pm, The Nevada Secretary of State’s office still had not reported any data from the largest county in Nevada, Clark County, but had reported some data from Churchill and Story County. Reported glitches with thumb drives in Clark County was confirmed to The Globe and Washoe County had a “technical issue” with their dashboard so they shared excel files that captured only 10% of the vote at 10:51 pm. In a following tweet, Washoe confirmed that they will complete the counting of election day ballots through the night and begin again in the morning to count mail in ballots.

The saying, “you had one job” keeps running through my mind, for if a midterm primary election with an estimated 26% voter turn out can produce this much chaos and delay, I shudder to think what November will bring,

As we observed on Twitter last night:

Ambassador Ric Grenell weighed in:


Data journalist Rich Baris captured the mood:

Rich Baris fires off some salty but accurate tweets. (Photo: Rich Baris, Twitter)

Yet, amid all this utter chaos and incompetency, GOP winners were declared by the Associated Press (not the Nevada Secretary of State) and are as follows: Joe Lombardo will face off against Governor Steve Sisolak. Adam Laxalt ran away with a huge lead over “surging” Sam Brown to challenge Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. Jim Marchant advances for Secretary of State, Michelle Fiore secured her place on the November ballot for treasurer, and April Becker looks to unseat Rep. Susie Lee in Congressional District 3.

The Globe will continue to follow the results and will provide updates.

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