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Clark County Sheriff Candidate, Kevin McMahill talks to the press (Photo: electkevinmcmahill.com)

Kevin McMahill Raises $1.3 Million in Race for Clark County Sheriff

Raises ten times more cash than his former LVMPD colleagues

By Robert Lauer, January 20, 2022 2:06 pm

As reported by The Globe, “according to Las Vegas Metro Police Convention Center Command murders are up over 900 percent on and around the strip. You read that right—900 percent. A ten-fold increase. Carjackings and car burglaries have surged 30 percent this year across the southern valley.” Due to these dangerous increases, the next Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) is a top priority for voters in the upcoming November election.

The LVMPD employees 2,400 officers who protect and serve 2.3 million residents and 49 million annual visitors with a yearly budget of $662 million. Last year, the LVMPD responded to 700,000 calls.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Republican candidate for Governor, hand picked his successor, former Under Sheriff Kevin McMahill. McMahill has reportedly raised more than $1.3 million and has $1, 175,160 cash on hand, ten times more than his former LVMPD colleagues.

Retired Under Sheriff, Kevin McMahill, talks to reporters (Photo: Kevin McMahill, Facebook)

His opponents Assemblyman Tom Roberts has raised only $116,000 and retired Metro Police Sergeant Stan Hyt raised a mere $11,000 in the same reporting period. Stan loaned his campaign $12,431.76 and has $2,772 cash on hand.

Republican Assemblyman Tom Roberts, a former assistant Sheriff at LVMPD who, according to my sources, was forced into retirement after the October 1 mass shooting at the Route 91 festival, voted with the Democratic majority last year for the mining tax increase and publicly supports the Black Lives Matter movement and social-justice-driven police reform policies.

Upon this financial reporting, The Globe asked Hyt if he had plans on shifting gears and running for another office. Stan insisted that he will overcome this month’s results even if he needs to inject more of his own money into the race.

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