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Eve Chase, Democratic candidate for Nevada Lt. Governor. (Photo: Robert Lauer for The Nevada Globe)

Dems Field Two Transgender Candidates for Nevada Lt. Governor

Candidate Chase: ‘Not everybody is made from the same cookie cutter’

By Robert Lauer, April 6, 2022 1:44 pm

Henderson Mayor Debra March and Sisolak-appointed Lt. Governor Lisa Cano Burkhead aren’t the only Democratic women in the race for Lt. Governor of Nevada. Not one, but two transgender women are running as well. Unlike women’s sports, these two transgender women won’t have the upper hand on the biological women in this race. Both March and Burkhead are powerful, established Democrats with deep pockets. But, in an age and Democratic platform of  “inclusion and equity,” Democratic base voters could send a message to the establishment.

Kimi Cole is the first transgender woman to announce her candidacy. Cole describes herself on her website as. “Openly transgender, having publicly transitioned a decade ago, and is a champion for LGBTQ+ rights. If elected, she would become the first transgender statewide office holder in the country.”

She adds:

I’m running for Lieutenant Governor because I believe Nevadans of all walks of life want and deserve authentic leadership, and that’s exactly what this campaign is about. Our economy, climate, and everyday life is rapidly changing, and we need someone who can help lead our transition into the new era. This past year, we have proven our resilience—fighting COVID, the climate crisis, and economic collapse—but far too many of our political leaders remain intent upon dividing us up and even threatening the very essence of our Democracy.”

Eve Chase is the second transgender woman running for Nevada Lt. Governor. This past weekend, I had a chance to ask her some questions during a panel hosted by Veterans in Politics.

I asked Chase if she supported banning transgender girls/women in female sports. Chase told me she “was fully post-op” and that before she transitioned she was beat by girls in marathons.

Chase then stated emphatically “Every child should be who they are. Like it or not, not everybody is made from the same cookie cutter.”

The question came on the heels of Lia Thomas, the first openly transgender athlete to win America’s top trophy in NCAA sports when she swam to victory in the women’s 500 yard freestyle race. Thomas was ranked 462 as a male swimmer in the country. Now, Thomas is ranked number one nationally as a transgender female swimmer.

Chase was challenged by panel member Talisia Sandoval, a local UNLV student and former high school swimmer who argued that it’s unfair to allow teenage boys to compete against girls because the boys are at their peak of testosterone and strength.

Chase shot back, “Everyone is so different. Even though it may seem like some boys have an advantage they really don’t.”

Just last month, Utah’s Republican Mormon Governor Spencer Cox vetoed a ban on transgender biological boys in in girls’ sports, but the Utah Republican legislature overrode the veto. So no matter who wins the Democrat primary for Lt. Governor, transgender policy–whether it’s in public school, girls sports or which bathroom folks are allowed to use, has become a controversial issue this election.

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Robert Lauer
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