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Tsi-tsi-ki Felix advocates for immigration reform.(Photo: Instagram)

SCOOP: KLAS To Host Nevada Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate Debate In October

But with moderators like these, will Joe Lombardo and Adam Laxalt attend?

By Megan Barth, July 28, 2022 1:26 pm

The Globe has learned that KLAS 8 News Now is planning to host debates for the Nevada gubernatorial race on October 18 and U.S. Senate race on October 20 at the UNLV Judy Bailey Theater. According to our sources, the debate is set for one hour and will be moderated by Steve Sebelius, politics and government editor of the Las Vegas Review Journal, KLAS anchor Denise Valdez, and Tsi-Tsi-Ki Felix of Univision out of San Diego. Because, evidently, no one knows Nevada better than a Latina reporter from southern California.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I used to plan, organize, and host debates at medical schools back in 2009. The most difficult task in planning these debates was the selection of neutral moderators. A moderator is tasked with keeping the debate central to topic and refereeing any highly controversial topics or subjects that may cause the debate to deviate from the topic. Equally, if not more importantly, a moderator must have a neutral voice to ensure that the debate and the questions do not reflect an inherent bias.

Unfortunately, these moderators are anything but neutral, and according to our research, are registered Democrats or have publicly leaned to the left of the political spectrum.

As a registered Democrat in Clark County, Sebelius certainly makes his political affiliation and disdain for Republicans publicly known in his weekly newsletter and Twitter feed. Presumably, anyone who is a member of the Republican Party or a Trump conservative is on journey to the “Dark Side.”

Tsi-Tsi-Ki Felix, in case you were confused by her beautiful photos on her social media pages, identifies as “she/her,” and as a Mexican immigrant, wants to Make America Great Again by passing immigration reform. She also cites Mi Familia Vota and Lucha as her political amigos on her social media platforms. While anyone who wears a red MAGA hat might be expected to lean right, that same person signaling pronouns and promoting left-leaning activist groups might be expected to bat lefty. The Globe is looking into Ms. Felix’s voter registration in California for additional insight.

LinkedIn profile of Tsi-tsi-ki Felix (she/her). (Photo: LinkedIn)


Tsi-tsi-ki Feliz advocates for immigration reform (Photo: Instagram)

Six years ago in her Facebook comment, Felix wished Hillary Clinton was Vice President :

Felix poses with Hillary Clinton and wishes she was Vice President (Photo: Facebook)
Felix wishes Hillary Clinton were Vice President. (Photo: Facebook)

Denise Valdez gives a thumbs up to looking great in blue when voting on election day. When looking at voter registration records, she is listed at the same address as her husband but seemingly uses a different last name on her voter registration record as a registered Democrat.

Denise Valdez looks great in blue on election day (Photo: Instagram)

Although there is no word on whether any of the campaigns have agreed to the terms of this pending debate invitation, the GOP nominees would be walking into a lop-sided campaign forum run by Democrats for Democrats. As someone who has a history planning debates, the spirit of debate has been unfortunately tainted by bias and a politically active reporter from our neighboring (and failing) state of California.

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Megan Barth
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  1. George -“Yucca Mountain” Knapp and a local space alien could be added to panel for balance.
    Off course— Knapp could not get enough of Reid before his passing/ because he embraced. UAP crap

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