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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf pictured at the Oakland A's stadium (Photo: @LibbySchaaf)

Strike Three? Oakland Mayor calls Las Vegas a ‘gross desert’

Facing a barrage of lawsuits and red tape, Oakland A’s eye a move to Las Vegas

By Megan Barth, April 7, 2022 2:57 pm

It’s safe to assume that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf won’t be booking a flight to Las Vegas anytime soon. During an interview with ABC 7, Mayor Schaaf got a little foul when commenting about the Oakland A’s potential move to Las Vegas, telling the morning anchors, “You’ve got to be much more environmentally focused when you are developing on the precious California coastline than in the gross desert of Las Vegas.”

(Editors note: I have been to Oakland, and it’s not exactly the French Riviera).

One consideration for this move, as related by A’s President Dave Kaval, is that it’s simply harder to do business in California compared to Nevada. The A’s organization have been subject to a barrage of lawsuits filed against their plans to build a waterfront stadium.

The latest lawsuit, filed last Friday, drew this comment from Kaval:

“Well, we got sued on Friday, I thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke, but I guess the joke was on me,” said Kaval. “Now we have an additional nine months of deliberation that we’re going to have to deal with before we can get the project approved.”

Las Vegas Mayor Carol Goodman responded with class, tweeting:

Democratic Clark County Commissioner, Michael Naft, took a much harder swing and knocked it out of the park:

As reported by KTVN, the A’s organization may make a decision on moving to Las Vegas as early as next month:

As Las Vegas continues to cement itself as the entertainment sports capital of the world, Kaval says a decision on the site for a potential $1 billion stadium could come as early as next month.

“I think it could be kind of like more of like a May timeline,” said Kaval. “So, hopefully we can hit that. It might depend a little bit on some of the negotiations, but it’s certainly achievable. We’re so far along.”

The city of San Francisco has already boycotted Nevada. If their sister city of Oakland strikes out,  Nevadans will have the last laugh while enjoying some peanuts and Cracker Jack in a billion-dollar stadium.

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