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Trump supporters rally in Las Vegas for former President Donald J. Trump (Photo: @WashingtonTimes)

Trump to The Battle Born: ‘If We Win Nevada, We Win The Whole Thing’

Biden’s ‘inflation nightmare’ and ‘border nightmare’ were central themes of Trump’s rally in Las Vegas on Sunday

By Megan Barth, June 10, 2024 5:57 pm

On Sunday in 103 degree heat, former President Donald J. Trump brought some of his own heat to the presidential campaign trail during an off-teleprompter speech to thousands of his supporters at a rally in Las Vegas at Sunset Park.

After his 2020 loss in the battleground state to President Joe Biden by ~30,000 votes, Trump emphasized the importance of Nevada’s six electoral votes, “If we win Nevada, we win the whole thing. We win the whole thing,” Trump stated.

Trump is consistently outpacing Biden in the polls by an average of 5 percent in the Silver State. According to first-quarter polling from Gallup, Biden’s approval rating sits at 38.7 percent–an approval rating worse than any modern-day president seeking reelection.

Former President Donald J. Trump rallies the Las Vegas crowd in Sunset Park (Photo: Screenshot)

“We are going to turn this country around,” Trump promised and proposed a five-point plan to quickly end the “Biden Inflation Nightmare” which has hit Nevadan’s the hardest.

Recently, the Joint Economic Committee reported that Nevada’s inflation rate rose to a whopping 21.6 percent. Relative to January 2021 prices, Nevadans are paying an additional $1,168 per month, or $27,782 per year, for basic household expenses since President Biden assumed office.

“On Day One of my new administration, we will throw out Bidenomics and replace it with Maganomics. We will quickly rebuild the greatest economy in the history of the world. Joe Biden has no plan to stop inflation. His only ideas are spending more money, raising your taxes, and letting in millions more illegal aliens, all of which will make inflation worse. By contrast, my plan will end the Biden Inflation Nightmare—and end it quickly,” Trump said.

To tackle inflation, Trump committed to advancing the “largest deportation in the history” of the United States.

“Joe Biden has given us no choice. The largest invasion in the history of our country requires the largest deportation in the history of our country. On Day One, we will seal the border, we will stop the invasion, and we will send Joe Biden’s illegal aliens back home, where they belong,” Trump told the crowd.

“An estimated 50 percent of inflation has been caused by the soaring cost of housing, which is skyrocketing due to illegal immigration. Crooked Joe let in 15 to 20 million people with no place to put them. Biden’s illegal aliens are driving up rent, food costs, healthcare costs, taxes, and they are going to bankrupt Medicare and Social Security. I will send the Biden Migrants back to their countries, so that you can have back your country,” Trump added.

For the first time on the campaign trail, Trump promised to deliver tax relief to the tens of thousands of hospitality workers in Nevada.

“Under Crooked Joe and the Radical Left Democrats, the IRS has hired 87,000 new agents—and they’re going after tip workers and wage earners. This is wrong. That is why, as part of my mission to make life more affordable for working Americans, I am announcing today to the people of Nevada that I will ask Congress to eliminate all tax on TIPS for restaurant workers and hospitality workers,” Trump stated, adding, “Our tax code is riddled with benefits for the wealthy and the well-connected—a vote for Trump is a vote for working people to finally catch a break.”

Trump supporters in Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo: @Obesesprinkles on X)

“With his border nightmare, Joe Biden is also waging an all-out war on the workers of America—especially African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and union members. The illegal immigration is hurting Black and Hispanic Families more than anyone else. Virtually 100 percent of all net new jobs under Biden have gone to illegal aliens. Meanwhile, real wages for African American workers are down by almost 6 percent under Crooked Joe,” Trump stated.

In Pew’s latest survey, 17 percent of Black voters under 50 either strongly align with or lean toward the Republican Party, while only seven percent of Black voters over 50 identified with the GOP.

On Sunday, the Trump campaign also announced the formation of “Latino Americans for Trump,” a coalition of leaders in Latino communities across the country.

Although Latinos tend to favor the Democratic party by a wide margin, an Axios-Ipsos Latino poll found that their support is waning. “A plurality of Latinos now say “neither” when asked which major political party cares more about them,” Axios reports. However, Republicans have an edge with Latinos when it comes to handling the economy and rising crime.

“Under Biden, the invasion is apocalyptic: In less than 4 years, Crooked Joe has imported more illegal aliens than the populations of 40 out of 50 states. The entire world is emptying out their prisons, insane asylums, and mental institutions—and Nevada is being turned into a dumping ground for the dungeons of the Third World. In Venezuela, violent crime is down 67 percent,” Trump warned.

Last week, Democrat Senator Jacky Rosen appealed to President Biden to use his executive authority to address the “crisis at the southern border,” noting that fentanyl trafficking and related deaths have spiked throughout Nevada.

Senator Rosen, facing a “toss-up” reelection campaign will face the winner of Tuesday’s GOP primary. Although Trump refrained from making an endorsement during the rally, late Sunday night Trump endorsed Captain Sam Brown over his former Ambassador to Iceland Dr. Jeff Gunter, telling Nevadans that Brown “will never let you down,” and reaffirmed his opposition to the use Yucca Mountain of as a repository for the nation’s nuclear waste.

On Sunday, Trump encouraged Nevadans to defeat “Biden-loving Radical Left Senator Jacky Rosen.” “We should win that race against Rosen,” Trump said in an interview with the Review-Journal. “She’s terrible. She’s been a terrible senator, has no respect in Washington, and I think we should win that race.”

Assemblywoman and Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Daniele Monroe-Moreno released a statement after Trump’s rally, criticizing the former president for “giving tax breaks to billionaires” and accused Trump of being “out of touch” with Nevada workers.

“President Biden and Nevada Democrats are laser-focused on kitchen table issues and never take any vote for granted,” Monroe-Moreno said in the statement. “That’s why we’re working every day to grow our coalition and build a winning ground game to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.”












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