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Lombardo campaign sign spotted in Washoe County, NV (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

New Polls Show Momentum Building For Lombardo

RealClear Politics labels NV governor’s race a ‘GOP Pick Up’

By Megan Barth, September 23, 2022 4:10 pm

Three new polls released yesterday highlighted the growing momentum for Sheriff Joe Lombardo in the Nevada gubernatorial race. The polls released by Big Data Poll and Trafalgar Group yesterday show Sheriff Lombardo up 2 points and 3 points, respectively. Data for Progress, a progressive group that cites a 3.3% left-leaning bias, has the race tied.

Data for Progress polling reveals Lombardo and Sisolak in a dead heat in the NV gubernatorial race. (Photo: Data for Progress)

RealClearPolitics has listed the RCP Average as Lombardo +1.6 and labeled it as a GOP Pick Up Projection.

RealClearPolitics projects a GOP pickup in Nevada gubernatorial race (Photo: RCP)

Elizabeth Ray, Lombardo for Governor Spokesperson, released this statement: “Nevadans are tired of Northshore Steve’s corruption, cronyism, and pay-to-play politics. Nevadans are looking for a leader who is ready to deliver solutions for our state on day one – and that’s Sheriff Joe Lombardo.” 

“Northshore Steve” is a nickname given to Sisolak by the Lombardo Campaign and stems from the Northshore Clinical Labs scandal which was uncovered by an extensive ProPublica investigation. Northshore got 96% of their COVID-19 test results wrong while raking in over $165 million of tax payer funds.

Northshore has close ties to one of Sisolak’s campaign donors and his administration is under investigation for the scandal for fast tracking Northshore’s approval to provide testing throughout Nevada.

As reported by The Globe, Washoe County continued their contract with Northshore even after they learned the company was under a mutli-state, federal investigation.

Lombardo has called on the Interim Finance Committee to reserve funds for the victims of Northshore.

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