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Socialist propoganda (Photo: DSA Las Vegas @shauntroversy)

Sheriff Lombardo Verbally Attacked By Democrat (Socialist)

Former co-chair of Nevada DSA calls gov candidate ‘piece of sh*t’ and ‘garbage human being’

By Megan Barth, March 31, 2022 9:49 am

During an education forum hosted by The Nevada Independent, a leading member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), proudly live-streamed his Socialist tripe on Twitter calling the governor a real piece of shit, a garbage human being, and asks gubernatorial candidate Sheriff Joe Lombardo “where’s your Nazi uniform?”

In his Twitter bio, Shaun Navarro claims he is  “Bringing that Big Golden Retriever Energy to Socialism,” wants class warfare, and seeks to Californicate Nevada…because California is a model of Socialism’s success: high taxes, homelessness, skyrocketing crime, bureaucratic corruption, income inequality, and policies that destroy the middle class.

Many have condemned Socialist Shaun’s confrontation.

Steve Sisolak, having been the subject of similar tactics, took to Twitter (on only one of his accounts) and asked for kindness:

GOP Chairman Michael McDonald released this statement:

Like I said when this happened to Governor Sisolak last month, there is no place for the unhinged behavior Sheriff Joe Lombardo experienced last night, and the time and place to have your voice heard is at the ballot box in November. I know in my heart that these recent attacks on our officials are outliers. This is not the Nevada we all love and I join with leaders across the political spectrum in condemning this behavior and calling on it to never happen again.

Jon Ralston, CEO of the Nevada Independent and the host of the event, went a step further and called Shaun a jackass:

The following day, Lombardo released this statement: “Last night, as I was leaving an education forum, I was accosted and followed by an angry and disruptive person. While his behavior and invective were unfortunate, as sheriff, I deal with my share of unruly people every day. But, in politics there should be no acceptance of this kind of vitriol and hate and it must be condemned in the strongest terms possible by Republicans, Democrats, and non-partisans alike.”

It is important to note that a quick review of the Nevada Democrats Twitter timeline has yet to condemn Shaun’s actions. Perhaps it is because the Nevada Democratic Party, led by Judith Whitmer, was overthrown by the DSA.

The Chair of the Clark County Democrats, Chris Roberts, supports Socialist Shaun, because Roberts, too, is a “Socialist (but a Democrat)”.

Erika Castro, an “undocu-queer organizer” for the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN), doubled down on her fellow comrade’s actions:

Modern-day Socialists–or Progressives as they prefer to be called, conveniently forget that Hilter’s Nazi party was a a byname of the National Socialists’ German Workers Party. Maybe that is why Progressives demand that history be erased, rewritten, or censored.

The Democratic party can try to cut and run from the Socialists who have taken over or have been welcomed into their party, but they cannot run from their big government, socialist policies that are crushing the middle class with high taxes, skyrocketing inflation and gas prices, open borders and increasing crime. Nevadans certainly don’t want to become Californians, but plenty of Californians have relocated to Nevada, because we aren’t California….yet.


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Megan Barth
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  1. Vulgarity is as central to the liberal brain as communication itself. They’d even cuss in a church!

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