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CLF launches 'Matchbook' ad targeting Rep. Dina Titus (Photo: CLF)

EXCLUSIVE: CLF Launches Ad Targeting Rep. Dina Titus’ Excessive Spending

‘Matchbook’ adds firepower to CLF’s goals to win back the Majority

By Megan Barth, September 24, 2022 3:00 am

As reported by The Globe, the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) invested huge sums of money across the country—and here in Nevada—to flip the House, in what is predicted to be a “red tsunami” in November. Democratic strategist Dan Sena referred to Nevada as “ground zero.”

Back in May, CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins told The Globe:

Our reserves are a down payment on the firepower we need to win back the Majority. We believe Republicans will be competitive and have the chance to expand the map into Democrat-held seats and win in November.”

Adding to their firepower is their latest ad aptly entitled “Matchbook’ targeting Rep. Dina Titus’ votes for excessive spending despite warnings of rising inflation from over 230 economists.


Dina Titus was warned.

Economists said excessive spending would lead to inflation

But she didn’t listen.

Titus recklessly spent trillions of taxpayer dollars

Tax breaks for luxury electric cars

Even a billion dollars to prisoners, including the Boston Bomber

Now we’re paying the price

Higher prices on everything. Economy in recession.

Dina Titus. She spent big…and we got burned.

Earlier this week, The Globe reported that Nevada’s inflation rate skyrocketed to 15.6 percent after Titus and her Democratic colleagues passed the “so-called” Inflation Reduction Act. The data shows that rising prices are costing Nevada households an additional $845 a month or $10,142 a year. In May 2022, The Globe reported that the annualized cost of inflation per Nevada household was $8,231. In just a few short months, the “invisible tax” of inflation has risen a staggering $1,911.

Rep. Dina Titus, who has been “ridin’ with Biden since the beginning,” tweeted that the Inflation Reduction Act would cut kitchen table costs for families by making the ultra-wealthy and billionaire corporations pay their fair share.

As Titus doubled down on class-warfare and channeled Bernie Sanders, Sanders even admitted that the bill won’t reduce inflation.

Although Nevadans are seeking relief from 15.6 percent inflation, 230 economists warned that the Inflation Reduction Act does nothing to reduce inflation and could even make it worse. The non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation released new analysis estimating that working families are more likely to be worse off than better off after the bill was signed into law.

Adding to the invisible tax, Nevadans can expect higher taxes if Democrats maintain control of Congress. The top Democrat on the tax writing Ways and Means Committee declared that Democrats will raise further taxes on individuals and businesses if they control Congress after the midterms.

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Megan Barth
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  1. You think these liberals are cocky now? Their marshaling millions of reinforcements from the leftist nations of the world. And it isn’t hard either because it’s a leftist world out there! Just because somebody left a leftist country doesn’t mean they’re not leftist. When they bury the country in an irreversible number of leftist votes everybody will know that.

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