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GOPer Kristopher Dahir Runs for Nevada Secretary of State

‘Biden is the rightfully elected President’

By Robert Lauer, February 23, 2022 8:41 am

Sparks City Councilman and member of the Washoe County District Board of Health, Kristopher Dahir, is running for Nevada Secretary of State (SOS) with the full support and backing of current SOS Barbara Cegavske. Dahir was first elected to the Sparks City Council in 2014.

 Termed-out Cegavske has had her share of controversy and was recently censured by the Nevada Republican Party for the apostasy of claiming there was no significant voter fraud in the 2020 election. She was named as a Defendant in a lawsuit brought by President Donald Trump in an effort to block mail-in-balloting, which was passed by the Democratic legislature in the wake of the pandemic.

Dahir will face Former Nevada Assemblyman Jim Marchant, former District Court Judge Richard Scotti and Former State Senator Jesse Haw in the Republican primary. Las Vegas Attorney and Harry Reid staffer, Cisco Aguilar, is the front-runner on the Democratic ticket.

Dahir spoke with the Nevada Globe at the SOS debate in Reno and claimed “there was no significant voter fraud.” He contends the 2020 election was run “professionally” by Cegasvke and “he is proud to call her a longtime family friend.” Dahir added, “There is always some small amount of voter fraud in every election but there wasn’t enough in 2020 to have affected the outcome,” and stated that “Biden is the rightfully elected President.”

Nevada SOS debate at the Atlantis Casino and Hotel in Reno, NV. (Photo: Krisopher Dahir, Facebook)

During the debate, Dahir told the audience that he resents being called a RINO and he is proud to compromise and work across the aisle with Democrats to find common ground. Dahir said he focuses more on the business side of the Secretary of State’s duties and avoids the controversy surrounding the 2020 elections.

As reported by The Globe:

“With two statewide races expected to be closely followed across the nation, and all four congressional seats up for grabs next November, a new “Election Integrity Scorecard” released today places the Silver State 50 out of 51, ahead of only Hawaii.

Nevada scored a pathetic 28 out of 100 possible points. The state receives only 2 out of 20 possible points for Voter ID implementation, 16 out of 30 for accuracy of its voter registration lists and 3 out of 21 for absentee ballot management.”

Other areas of concern include vote harvesting, which is always attractive to powerful unions that can apply pressure to members (Nevada gets 0 of 4 possible points). And on verification of citizenship, also worth a possible 4, Nevada gets another zero because it doesn’t verify the citizenship voters through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) program, and state officials do not utilize state and federal jury information to verify citizenship.”

The Globe caught up with Dahir today for this story. Dahir said that he opposed the vaccine mandates and that “Folks should get all the information and make their own decisions.” He also said he would have would have pushed back in March 2020 against Governor Sisolak’s mail-in-ballot emergency orders.

Dahir also wants the SOS office to build a filter system between the DMV and the voter registrar’s office and supports maintaining the business license fee of $750 to keep taxes down for everyone. However, Dahir does support pro-rating the annual business license fees for businesses that were shut down for part of the years in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

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