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Joey Gilbert, Republican candidate for governor. (Photo: gilbertforgovernor.com)

Breaking: Joey Gilbert Files Demand for Gubernatorial Recount

Gilbert is demanding hand recount of primary ballots and will contest election

By Megan Barth, June 29, 2022 5:20 pm

Today, The Globe got the early scoop that Joey Gilbert was going to file a demand by 5 PM PST for a recount of the GOP gubernatorial race of the 2022 primary election with the Nevada Secretary of State office (NVSOS). The demand, funded by the Franklin Project PAC, will ask for a hand recount of every ballot cast in every Nevada county. Gilbert’s team claims to have irrefutable, “smoking gun” proof that votes were taken away from Gilbert and other unspecified candidates. The team could not provide The Globe with said proof as they intend to file a lawsuit to contest the election. The cost of the recount is $190,000 and the PAC has provided a check in that amount to the NV SOS.

According to the PAC, Washoe County is charging $84,000 for the recount–twice as much as what Clark County is charging, although Washoe County has a significantly smaller voting population.

As reported by The Globe, Gilbert is following through on his promise to contest the election. The certified election results show that Gilbert received 27.6 percent of the vote and swept the majority of rural counties. Lombardo received 38.4 percent of the vote, winning both Washoe and Clark county. Those two counties comprise more than 87 percent of the state’s active registered voters.

Gilbert is now demanding a hand recount, instead of a machine recount, as his team believes the current and entire election system is corrupt and broken. They contend that using the same machines used in the primary for a recount will produce “the same corrupt results” and are, therefore, asking for a hand recount in all 17 counties. If the counties do not provide a hand recount, Gilbert’s team alleges that the counties are hiding the true results that only a hand recount could provide.

Gilbert’s team affirms they have 4,000 volunteers to assist in the hand recount and two state-certified agencies who are also willing to assist in the recount effort.

According to Nevada statute NRS 293.403: Recount of vote: Demand; advance deposit of costs.

A candidate defeated at any election may demand and receive a recount of the vote for the office for which he or she is a candidate to determine the number of votes received for the candidate and the number of votes received for the person who won the election if, within 3 working days after the canvass of the vote and the certification by the county clerk or city clerk…

As the primary election was certified on June 24, Gilbert has filed the demand within the statutory time frame.

They also note, as reported by The Globe, that Washoe County did not have a county registrar of voters or a certified officer to hold a primary election. They claim that without a registrar or certified officer to oversee and conduct the election, the election should not have been conducted or certified.

To contest the election, Gilbert’s team must contest no later than five days after the recount is completed in accordance to Nevada statute NRS293.413: Time for filing statement of contest; precedence of election contest; referral to special master.

     1.  The statement of contest provided for in NRS 293.407 shall be filed with the clerk of the district court no later than 5 days after a recount is completed, and no later than 14 days after the election if no recount is demanded. The parties to a contest shall be denominated contestant and defendant.

      2.  The court shall set the matter for hearing not less than 5 days nor more than 10 days after the filing of the statement of contest. Election contests shall take precedence over all regular business of the court in order that results of elections shall be determined as soon as practicable.

Spearheading the recount and contest effort is Robert Beadles, who has been recently active and financially involved in Nevada politics–which has incited many elected officials, candidates, activists, and political operatives. His latest victory was the ouster of Republican Washoe County Commissioner Bob Lucey who was soundly defeated by Beadle’s candidate, Mike Clark.

Beadles told The Globe: “Franklin Project PAC is funding this demand for a recount of the statewide governor’s race on behalf of Joey Gilbert. It’s going to be really telling to see if we can get a hand count or if they will use the same broken system to get the same broken result. We have an army of hundreds of thousands of people and supporters. These are unchartered waters for us but we are going through the process because Nevadans are owed transparency into the election process, and God willing, we will give it to them and show who the rightful winner really is.”

Joey Gilbert told The Globe: “It is far from over. Get in the fight Nevada! For too long we have had selections, not elections. Let’s make sure our votes went where they are supposed to and the real winner is declared. Speak up Nevada! Don’t let them silence us!



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Megan Barth
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9 thoughts on “Breaking: Joey Gilbert Files Demand for Gubernatorial Recount

  1. He’s got 4000 volunteers? Call me crazy, but that seems like a conflict of interest to provide volunteers for your own recount.

    And he can’t provide proof? This guy’s a clown and is going to waste our time on crap claims.

    1. Sounds like a conflict. If he filed lawsuits that helped Nevadans. More energy production and distribution. for example. that would be good. Allowing anti-van and mask people to be rehired? etc.

  2. He lost and can’t get passed it. No one is silencing anyone. I said during the primary campaign he was wrong for Nevada. This proves it. It would be a gross conflict of interest if his “army of volunteers” handled any recount.

  3. Ok Einstein’s, explain to me how volunteering to legitimizing a election ballot against fraud is a conflict of interest?

    1. Do his volunteers take an oath of office? How do they do a recount since many of the people do not submit written ballots? Many of the ballots were posted electronically. I suppose you could look at the printer rolls that were printed by the Dominion tablets, but you don’t believe them. They are guilty until proven innocent.

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