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Robertson and Becker Dominate Democratic Rivals In Latest Poll

Since July, Robertson has gained 14 points, Becker has gained 11 points

By Megan Barth, November 2, 2022 4:13 pm

A poll released by Emerson polling/KLAS-TV/The Hill finds that three out of four congressional races in Nevada heavily lean towards a Republican advantage. Although Emerson College Polling has a picture of Utah (c’mon guys), the Nevada “toss-up” races in the 1st and 4th Congressional districts signal that Reps. Dina Titus and Susie Lee are losing, and losing badly, to challengers Col. Mark Robertson and April Becker, respectively. The 10-point lead and 14-point gain for Robertson, in a Democratic district no less, are indicative that a predicted red wave could be an election day reality.

Col. Robertson told The Globe: “I’m grateful to the volunteers and supporters who have helped us get our positive message out to voters. The people of Nevada are ready for a change. They recognize that we need common sense solutions for inflation, crime, and failing schools. “

According to Emerson:

In the 1st Congressional District, Republican Mark Robertson has a ten-point lead over incumbent Democrat Dina Titus, 51% to 41%. Five percent are undecided. With undecided voters’ support accounted for, Robertson’s support increases to 54% and Titus to 42%. Since the July Emerson/KLAS/The Hill survey, Titus has held at 41% while Robertson has gained 14 percentage points, from 37% to 51%.

In the 3rd Congressional District, 51% of voters plan to vote for Republican April Becker and 47% plan to vote for Democrat Susie Lee. Two percent are undecided. With undecided voters’ support accounted for, Becker’s support increases to 52% and Lee’s increases to 47%. Since the July Emerson/KLAS/The Hill survey, Becker has gained 11 points of support, from 40% to 51%, while Lee has gained five points, from 42% to 47%.

In the 4th Congressional District, 48% support Democrat Steven Horsford and 45% support Republican Sam Peters. Five percent are undecided. With undecided voters’ support accounted for, Horsford leads 51% to 47%. Since the July Emerson/KLAS/The Hill survey, Horsford and Peters have both gained six points of support, Horsford from 42% to 48%, and Peters from 39% to 45%.

The 4th Congressional District, as the Globe has extensively covered, is mired in controversy of Rep. Horsford’s own making. Having admitted to cheating on his wife for 10 years out of their 22 year marriage, Horsford was recently and publicly accused by his wife of bullying, intimidation and violence. According to her Twitter feed, he is refusing to sign divorce papers unless she signs an NDA–one that forbids her to speak publicly, or to a therapist, about their marriage and pending divorce. Should she violate the NDA, she would be fined $10,000 for each infraction.

A simple search proves that not one local news outlet has covered this latest story. If other Nevada news outlets would simply do their job and cover this disturbing news, the voters may hold Horsford accountable and his lead may narrow or crater. This week, Peters is doing his best to hold Horsford to account by hosting a news conference, filing an ethics complaint with the House of Representatives, and calling for Horsford’s resignation.




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