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Democrats Fast Track Gun Bills To Governor’s Desk

Three gun bills have been fast-tracked by the Democratic majority, passed on party-line votes, and now await Governor Lombardo’s approval or veto

By Megan Barth, May 16, 2023 11:02 am

Despite record amounts of legislation filed, very few bills have made it to Governor Lombardo’s desk. As the Governor’s education reforms including school safety, school choice and opportunity scholarships sit idle, a trio of gun bills have been fast-tracked by the Democratic majority, passed on party-line votes, and now await Governor Lombardo’s approval or veto.

Senate Bill 171, sponsored by Senators Dallas Harris, Pat Spearman and Fabian Doñate prohibits gun purchases, ownership, or possession by a person convicted of a misdemeanor for a hate crime, or attempting to commit a hate crime. Referencing NRS 207.185, the bill would also prohibit a person from gun purchases, ownership, or possession if the person was convicted of unlawful assembly.

Assembly Bill 355 would raise the eligible age to possess semiautomatic shotguns and “assault weapons” from 18 to 21.

Assemblywomen Sandra Jauregui, Daniele Monroe-Moreno and Assemblyman Steve Yeager, sponsored the legislation.

As reported by The Globe, the hearing for AB355 turned a bit contentious when Assemblyman Gray was abruptly silenced by the Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Assemblywoman Brittney Miller, when trying to ask a sociological question.

Later in the hearing, an advocate from Moms Demand Action, stated “children and teenagers barely have their brain fully developed, how can they be expected to make sound choices with these lethal means.”

A young girl who participates in shooting competitions and hunting opposed the bill stating that her smaller size would make it difficult and near impossible for her to use a pump action shotgun in these respective sports.

According to the statute, a parent or guardian would be criminally charged  if they took their child to recreationally shoot or practice with a firearm.

Assembly Bill 354, also sponsored by Assm. Jauregui, in part, prohibits the possession of a firearm in or within a 100 yards of an election site, puts various restrictions on gun storage, and bans homemade “ghost guns.

In reference to these two bills the Assembly Republican Caucus stated, “As for the content of these bills, both of these would do nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining weapons. The logic of gun control measures like these always fails.”

Senator Ira Hansen referred to the hearings as “sham activist demonstrations masquerading as bill hearings.”

Governor Lombardo has not provided comment on the legislation, but has positioned himself as firmly pro-Second Amendment while touting his NRA membership on the campaign trail.

The Globe reached out numerous time to Democratic lawmakers asking for the definition of an “assault weapon.” Our question remains unanswered.


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Megan Barth
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  1. 20,000 murders in 2020. 8300 by hand gun, 250 by semiautomatic rifle.

    Hate crimes? When are we going to see the Nashville “trans manifesto”.

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