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Voter checks Republican on ballot. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Masto, Sisolak, Aguilar Trail GOP Challengers In Latest CNN Poll

Voter turnout will determine if red wave wipes out Silver State Democratic juggernaut

By Megan Barth, October 7, 2022 10:54 am

As Democrats in Nevada have focused on abortion, polling by CNN, and others, has shown that Nevadans are focused on inflation, the economy and jobs. In the latest CNN poll, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Governor Steve Sisolak, and Cisco Aguilar, Democratic nominee for Secretary of State, are trailing two to three points behind their GOP challengers despite having raised and spent more money on their campaigns.

CNN polling shows the top issues affecting voters (Photo: CNN)

A total of 926 registered voters who live in Nevada were surveyed. Among the entire sample, 29% described themselves as Democrats, 29% described themselves as Republicans, and 42% described themselves as independents or members of another party.

Although the sampling of respondents closely reflect the registration demographics, The Globe has reported that Republicans have added more registered voters than Democrats since the last election cycle. Although Democrats still lead in state-wide voter registration, that margin has shriveled to under three percent. A lead that Jon Ralston of the Nevada Independent refers to as “unprecedented since the Reagan era.”

Ralston weighed in on the latest CNN poll:

Nevada is trending along with the rest of the country. The Associated Press (AP) reports that more than one million voters switched their party affiliation to Republican with the most notable demographic shift coming from the suburban swing voters who favored Biden in 2020. According to their data analysis, record inflation, gas prices and fears that the country is headed the wrong direction are causing a mass exodus to the GOP.

In response to the CNN poll, Jim Marchant told The Globe: “Happy to be ahead in the polls at this point. Other polls show us up even more. Aguilar has massive amounts of money so we are happy to be leading at this point. This poll reflects the sentiment of the people. Nevadans are tired of the Biden economy and Democratic policies that have caused Nevadans to struggle in unprecedented ways. The people are ready for a change in leadership and new leadership is what we need in Nevada. My number one goal is to ensure that Nevadans have a fair and transparent election system so they can be confident that their votes count and their votes are recorded accurately. I have a big endorsement coming and this support is not only what my campaign is grateful for but what Nevadans need to get our state back on track.”

Speaking of wrong direction, Senator Cortez Masto has avoided all press as her “declined to be interviewed” notation has become quite the thing. One would think, amidst sagging poll numbers, the “first Latina senator” would be anxious to go on the record and discuss all the great things she’s done in the last six years. One would be wrong.

One may also think that Cortez Masto would be eager to speak to the press considering that last seven polls have shown her trailing Adam Laxalt in a race that will be decide which party controls the U.S. Senate. Again, one would be wrong.

Even Ralston’s can’t get Cortez Masto “on the record” for his “on the record” series.

As reported by The Globe, Cortez Masto is the #1 endangered incumbent, and Governor Sisolak is in a losing position or a dead heat race against his formidable opponent, Sheriff Joe Lombardo. The race for Secretary of State, and all races, will come down to one thing: voter turnout.

As Ralston points to the CNN poll, Republicans, Conservative, and Independents are motivated to vote. That motivation could determine the difference of not only which party controls the U.S. Senate, but could be the red wave that wipes out the Silver State Democratic juggernaut built by former Senator Harry M. Reid which, according to the NY Times, ‘is on its heels, staring down the most significant spate of losses in more than a decade.”


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  1. Looks like pollsters have rejected the “Lantinx” category- And what about “transgender”. ??? Is this poll reliable if it doesn’t poll the latest woke joke mumbo jumbo.

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