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Socialist Shaun Navarro with Senator Edgar Flores and Assemblywoman Cecilia Gonzalez (Photo: @ForOurFutureNV)

Democratic Lawmakers Appear With Co-Chair of the LV DSA

Numerous Democratic lawmakers in Nevada have appeared with far-left extremists who openly call for the destruction of Israel

By Megan Barth, November 15, 2023 6:39 pm

The Nevada Globe has extensively covered the continued partnerships and associations that Nevada Democrats have maintained with socialist activists and far-left organizations throughout the Silver State–activists who influence policy and political engagement with the support and encouragement of Democratic lawmakers.

Many organizations and politicians use the term “progressive” in order to mask their socialist, anticapitalist and antisemitic beliefs, unless, of course, your organization is the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

As reported by The Globe, the Las Vegas DSA has repeatedly posted the phrase “From the River to the Sea,” a phrase that has been deemed “antisemitic” by the Anti-Defamation League, as it “has the effect of making members of the Jewish and pro-Israel community feel unsafe and ostracized.”

Shaun Navarro is the co-chair of the Las Vegas DSA. He made headlines last year for disrupting a Nevada Independent event where he called then-Sheriff Lombardo a “Nazi,” “garbage human being” and a “piece of shit.” CEO Jon Ralston tweeted about Navarro when the Nevada Democrat Party hired him to be their “coalitions director.”

What coalitions did Navarro build and direct? Although the DSA no longer controls the Democratic Party in Nevada, the DSA’s influence and close associations with Democratic lawmakers and extreme activists continue and are widely documented and promoted on social media.

In the wake of the Hamas massacre in Israel on October 7, resulting in 1,400 deaths and over 200 captured, Navarro personally retweeted a celebratory post about Hamas paragliders who systematically butchered and raped Israeli civilians at a music festival–a music festival celebrating peace and held during a ceasefire.

Shaun Navarro retweets praise of the terrorist para gliders (Photo: @Shauntroversial)

The Las Vegas DSA’s defense of Hamas goes back years. In 2018 they claimed Hamas would not commit violence if not for the actions of “Zionists.”

DSA tweets antisemitic rhetoric (Photo: @LasVegasDSA)

Since Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, the Las Vegas DSA has held rallies in support of Palestine and held events such as a Palestinian film series that celebrated the First Intifada and other violent events perpetrated against Israel.

LV DSA hosts movie night celebrating the first Intifada (Photo: @LasVegasDSA)

Navarro lead a pro-Palestine rally earlier this month as shown in this video tweeted by a Nevada Public Radio reporter. He is shown holding a megaphone leading a crowd outside the Venetian:

The DSA’s actions have been met with condemnation from Nevada Jewish community leaders, Henderson Democrats, and Senator Jackie Rosen, however leaders and members of the state Democratic party and have largely remained silent.

Just weeks before Hamas’ attacks on Israel, Navarro appeared at an event with Senate Leader Nicole Cannizzaro (SD-6) where they posed for photos (Cannizzaro and Navarro are standing next to each other on the right):

Senator Cannizzaro’s appearance with Navaro has been known for weeks, but she hasn’t said one word about it publicly, despite questions being raised.

Antisemitic incidents have been on the rise since the Israel-Hamas war began. The Globe reported on the antisemitic graffiti that was spotted in Rep. Susie Lee’s district in Las Vegas saying “Death 2 Jews.” The incident was met with widespread condemnation from Governor Joe Lombardo, Rep. Lee, both of Nevada’s U.S. Senators, and a few members of the Nevada Democratic party.

Despite the abhorrent antisemitism displayed by Navarro and the DSA, two Democratic legislators, Edgar Flores (SD-2) and Cecelia Gonzalez (AD-16), joined Navarro last week at an event for For Our Future Nevada, which the group posted about on social media.

According to Influence Watch: “In 2016, Democratic operatives created the For Our Future Action Fund (FOF) with a majority of the funding provided by leftist environmentalist Tom Steyer. Steyer launched FOF in 2016 with the support of a number of government-worker-aligned labor unions including the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and the National Education Association (NEA).”

Assemblywoman Gonzalez has also appeared to indicate her support for Palestine, liking at least one post with the hashtag “#FreePalestine” tweeted by Lorenzita Santos, another active member of the Las Vegas DSA and the program manager at New American Leaders, an organization who recruits and trains first and second generation immigrants to run for office. (Jewish immigrants need not apply).

Santos formerly was the Organizing Director of One AAPI Nevada where she met with a number of Democratic legislators in Carson City and Rep. Lee in Washington DC.

Screenshot of Cecilia Gonzalez supporting Palestine.

Assm. Gonzalez, from her personal Instagram account, also liked the following post from Santos, along with organizers and the president from PLAN Nevada and the UNLV Immigration Clinic, a clinic that received millions in taxpayer dollars since its inception.

Santos rallies with DSA “From the river to the sea” (Photo: Instagram)

State Democrats recently appearing at For Our Future Nevada events also include Assemblywomen Angie Taylor (who is running for State Senate District 15), Selena La Rue Hatch (AD-25), Shea Backus (AD-37), Venecia Considine (AD-18), and Senator Fabian Doñate (SD-10)

Navarro and Santos have been known in Nevada Democratic circles for years and clearly continue to have ties to extreme-Left groups, like For our Future, that conduct numerous events with Democratic legislators. To note, the Las Vegas DSA supported “all Democratic candidates” on the ballot in the 2022 election.

To date, the Democratic Party or their elected officials, led by Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe Moreno (AD-1), has not officially commented on the Las Vegas DSA’s antisemitic posts and actions, which elicits many questions:

Were Flores and Gonzalez unaware of Navarro’s antisemitic views and documented aggressiveness toward Governor Lombardo? Or did they simply not care when they chose to appear with him?

Why hasn’t Nicole Cannizzaro condemned the DSA or offered any explanation for her appearance with Navarro?

Do Gonzalez and Flores share the DSA’s views on the war in Israel? Seemingly, Gonzalez does from her social media activism from her private Instagram account.

Why do Nevada Democrats continue to work with groups like For Our Future and the Las Vegas DSA if they’re going to give platforms to antisemitism and individuals like Navarro and Santos who celebrate Hamas terror?

We have sent these questions to the Democratic leadership, Flores, and Gonzalez. We will update the article with their responses if received.

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Megan Barth
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